Nov 23, 2012

First Reactions to Maka Maka - our new store

Since we opened Maka Maka, our new store in Kolkata (Calcutta), India, the response has been great.  For me, it's great to meet people face to face and to get their direct feedback on the designs, the aesthetics, and the overall feel we provide in our store.  This is exactly what I was hoping for.

Design cannot be done just in isolation and only to serve the creative aspirations of the designer, is what I believe, especially, when I'm designing something also for commercial viability. So, getting feedback from our patrons about their needs and likes or dislikes is a fantastic process for me as a Designer.

It's also great fun to meet some really interesting people, who, either drop by out of curiosity or after having seen any recent press features.  New potential collaborations, new potential opportunities, and just pure "adda" (just casual conversation about anything is a typical Bengali pastime) is becoming a norm at Maka Maka!

We've had people spend 30-40min sitting in our ottomans or the red Burma teak (reclaimed) chair and just chatting with us. Of course, they walked away with a Maka Maka bag in their hands! We've had little kids flop onto our Mala floor pillows and enjoy the comfort of the soft Matka Silk! But, this is what Kolkata is known for and I'm loving this bit that our patrons feel comfortable enough to spend some time with us to get to know us and our designs and inspirations a little better.

So, Kolkata, we hope to see more of your presence at Maka Maka and we look forward to forging a long term relationship with you!

Happy Shopping!
Maka Maka