Jan 7, 2011

Happy New Year from India!

After an adventurous trip from Vancouver to Beijing to Delhi and finally, Kolkata, I am now out of jet-lag and enjoying the beautiful cool and crisp winter of Kolkata.  Due to a last minute travel plan, I was left with Air China as my choice of airline and I regret this decision wholeheartedly!  Bad weather in Delhi caused Air China to cancel their flight from Beijing to Delhi after we had boarded the flight and had been sitting in it for 30 min!

All hell broke loose since then as poor communication skills or lack there of and even worse customer service on the part of Air China led us through a state of confused exhaustion for about 2 hours before we were delivered to our hotel 30 min outside of the airport.  It was even worse to discover that we had to share rooms with complete strangers!  My roomie turned out to be great though.  Anyway, eventually made it to Delhi the next day and finally to Kolkata.

We've been working on the samples for Spring-Summer 2011 and I'm waiting for the new colors to be dyed and then we'll get the stitching process started.  It's always exciting to see the concepts evolve from designs on a piece of paper or the computer into live products that we can touch and feel and enjoy in our homes.

Will write soon with more pics.