May 24, 2012

An Adventure in The City Of Joy - Searching for Location - 1

After a fabulous tour of New Zealand and it's many sheep-filled pastures, and a quick breeze-through of Sydney, we landed in Calcutta (Kolkata) a little after midnight.  The relatively quiet airport at that ungodly hour gave us a sense of calm, which is very hard to achieve in this city of 16 million or so people.

Outside, we were greeted by smiling family members and a sultry night.  We were told with optimism that it was much cooler than other nights as it had just rained a few hours ago.  Hmmm, we thought.  If this was "cool" then what do we have in store??

The last few days have flown by like the unpredictable summer breeze.  We've looked at a few locations for our store-cafe concept and liked a few.  There's more to see as we have engaged a very smart and resourceful individual to expedite our search.

We also need wheels, and eventually, a charioteer to navigate the wheels as neither my husband nor I plan on taking up the daunting task of driving in this city of millions!  To acquire these wheels, we have engaged a very enthusiastic young man, whom I have known for a few years now and he has worked his magic.  We were treated with such hospitality and service!  His friend owns a car dealership and that friend drove a car to us to let us see it!  Now, where in the world do you get such dedicated and personal service from a car dealership?!!  The search is still on for the right wheels that'll zoom us around the city (as much zooming the traffic will allow).

The search goes on for wheels, location and more as we continue to brave the heat and humidity in this city.  I have to admit, Vancouver's gorgeous summer days are tempting me quite a bit! :-)

More soon....