Dec 15, 2010

2010, Almost History!

Where has this year gone?  It was only January, when after an adventurous around the world (not intentional or part of our itinerary) trip back to Vancouver, I was getting ready to exhibit our 2010 collection at Maison & Objet!  What a trip that was!  My purse got stolen the very first day, leaving me penniless, identity-less, and spirit-less in one of the most romantic and amazing cities in the world, Paris!  However, the show did go on and with much appreciation for the new collection, so thanks to all!

I am now getting ready to leave for India to get samples ready for Spring-Summer 2011 and start working on the Fall/Winter collection.  New colors and old favorites will comprise the SS 11 collection in designs that I'm hoping will appeal to all as before.  I am planning on traveling in India to look for inspiration for the Fall/Winter collection and hope to dazzle our patrons with something fantastic.  Stay tuned for more updates as the days progress.

Before ending 2010, we happily added another name to our list of clientele and that's AnandaMaya Design of New Jersey, USA. AnandaMaya Design, home of modern/vintage interiors with influences from Indian/Asian and Latino culture, is where eco friendly, organic and sustainable meets beautiful & timeless style. The designers, craftsmen and artists have been hand selected because of their ability to capture beauty from around the world. AnandaMaya Design will feature:  Exquisite linens, soft furnishings, Paper, Baby and Mami, Personal and Travel Accessories as well as some one of a kind pieces.

Ebelyss, a Latina woman born in the U.S., is CEO/Founder of AnandaMaya Design, LLC. Recently, she turned her focus from health care business development and management to becoming an entrepreneur. Her love for Interior Design and earth friendly, sustainable products began long before her educational years.  From watching her grandmother create beautiful one of kind baby blankets, bed and table linens, to her aunt's amazing paper creations and her mother's clean style and business sense, Ebelyss developed an unsurpassed taste for beauty and innovation.  She even thought "green" before it was popular.

Ebelyss married an Indian man and is the mother of Alisa Maya and Anand, her inspiration and motivation for all that she does. Anand and Alisa Maya are the children of parents from two cultures living in this one world. Seeing beauty through their eyes is a must.  Ebelyss's appreciation for different cultures and awareness to create a design aesthetic that is not only visually beautiful but must be non fussy and non-toxic is exciting and fun.  Choosing the designers from around the world takes time. I'm passionate about each and every one of them and together we can bring amazing selections of modern, unique and beautiful accessories for the home and for everyone.