Nov 11, 2009

Tidbits from Calcutta

It's been almost a week since I came to Calcutta (Kolkata). I can't believe how quickly time's passing and I still have so much to do. It is unseasonably warm for November but from what I hear about the current grey, rainy days is Vancouver, this is a welcome break.

This time I've noticed that the pollution level has decreased noticeably. With new and improved public transport in the city the people are enjoying a cleaner quality of air. However, it's a long ways to go but signs of improvement are always encouraging.

I've been looking all around for inspriration for the next collection. A small exhibition on tribal art and handmade jewelry, ethnic chic Indo-Western fashion, accessories was a good start. The level of detail in the craftsmanship and the simplicity of design in some products was refreshing to see. Didn't have my camera with me so can't share those lovely images trapped in my head. Next time, for sure.

For those who are familiar with Park Street in Calcutta, my favorite coffee shop, Barista, has closed shop! Not sure why. However, don't even bother going to Flury's as it has lost all of it's old charm, service and quality. It's a shame. If you're looking for a delicious chicken/mutton roll, try Golden Spoon, across from Sourav's. It's one of the best.