May 18, 2011

Naturally Good and Mad Hatter Party!

It has been a busy few weeks, working on some new concepts and some amazingly talented Fashion Designers who are trying to create new trends, looks, and styles, all in the realms of eco-friendly and sustainable textiles.

On another note, our Holi quilt/throw made a special appearance in a Mad Hatter party in a beautiful garden, courtesy of Standard Magazine ( )!
Photo Album of Standard Magazine photoshoot

Mitun was recently interviewed by AATCC Review, a prestigious non-profit technical association that provides a lot of well researched information regarding the textile industry (  Their current issue features Rajboori in an article called Naturally Good by Maria Thiry, which is a great compilation of information from various industry experts on natural and synthetic fibers.  Mitun shared her knowledge of silk, especially, Peace Silk, and other natural fibers in this article.