Jul 20, 2009

A trip to the Island of art and natural living

To take a break from thinking, strategizing, planning, selling and more brain-wracking activities, we took a trip to Salt Spring Island which is about a 2 hour ferry ride from Vancouver.

I didn't know how much I needed this little getaway until I actually got to the island of peace and tranquility! The quiet solitude overhanging our rustic yet cozy B&B, the occasional chirps of a bird or two, and the gorgeous views of the water, mountains, and greenery from our patio transported us to another time. We somehow got caught up in the palpable Bohemian beat the island dances to.

Upon arriving at the B&B, I promptly inquired if their advertised wireless connectivity actually worked. Our lovely hostess politely explained that they were having some issues so it wasn't working at the moment. The look in her eyes said - you city slickers! Why do you even bother coming here?? And my eyes probably had the look of a panic stricken person who had been thrown overboard into a stormy sea! Noticing that color had drained from my face, very quickly she said I could use the computer in their office and she could get their IT guy on the phone to figure out a way to make the wireless connection work.

Having come from a world of IT, I knew that would be another undertaking that I wasn't particularly interested in on this little trip. It was amazing to note how quickly my mind was able to let go of the fact that I wouldn't be able to check emails or surf the web for a few days! So I asked her not to worry.

The next few days were absolute bliss. Salt Spring Is is a haven for art lovers as many artists have found a home on this island full of sunshine and beauty. We took the Studio Tour of artisans who allowed us to come into their studios to see their works of art - ceramics and pottery by Ruphi Ceramics (Annie was delightful), textiles from Lori Davies Textiles (Lori let me weave a little!), sculptural art from Blue Horse Gallery (Anna is such a great storyteller) and many more were our top favorites. One shouldn't miss the Sacred Mountain Lavendar farm and the Salt Spring Is Cheese Co. The truffle goat cheese is amazing!

The directory of Artists is available at http://www.saltspringstudiotour.com/#/artists/4531676470.

If organic food and natural everything is your passion then Salt Spring Is is your place! The food tasted great, whatever it was. Fresh, natural, and perfectly cooked. A wide variety of artisan cheeses and wine from two really great wineries (Garry Oak and Salt Spring Vineyards) are part of the "must taste" list.

An afternoon of kayaking, a stroll in the lavendar farm filled with English and French lavendar, easy conversations with people we kept running into all over the island, all of this made up a wonderful getaway before returning to the mad world of an entrepreneur.

Thanks to Salt Spring Island. Can't wait to get back there!