Mar 1, 2011

Storming Rajasthan II - In the Blue City, Jodhpur

The morning came in our lovely Polo Heritage hotel ( with birds chirping in the lawn and soft sounds of the hotel getting ready for the day ahead.  I didn't get a chance to explore the hotel and its grounds the night before so I took the opportunity to do so in the morning.  Jodhpur is a city of art and culture as that was evident in the smallest details around me.  The huge room with its 20ft ceilings and locally made colonial furniture and beautiful marble floors in the bathroom, all added to the charm of this beautifully appointed heritage hotel.

After a fantastic breakfast of upma and tea, we headed for Umaid Bhawan Palace, the home of the royal family of Jodhpur and a luxury hotel as well.  The view from the top of the hill was breathtaking and as we walked up the path to the museum section of the palace, I admired the grounds and the amazing architecture of the palace.  Inside, we saw some select objects that were collectibles of the royal family.  To this day, even if monarchy doesn't truly exist in India, but the royal families in Rajasthan still hold the respect of the people.  

 Once we enjoyed the royal hospitality, we decided to head to another area of historic and architectural beauty, the Mehrangarh Fort, which rises majestically from the hills around Jodhpur and offers a fabulous view of the old city of blue around it.  I loved these blue houses!  The fort itself was a gorgeous piece of architecture with so many stories to tell.

After taking in the views we headed for the desert city of Jaisalmer and the Golden Fort (Shonar Kella). some 330kms away from Jodhpur.


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