May 9, 2010

To My Mother....

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Moms out there, including my Supermom!  When we were growing up in India, Mother's Day wasn't a "festival" that was celebrated there.  For those of you familiar with India, the people need just one excuse to celebrate something and make it into a festival or something close to that.  Such is the love for having fun!  These days, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, etc. have become so important that not celebrating them makes one very "uncool".  :-)
Anyway, I never wished my Mom a Happy Mother's Day when I lived in India (it wasn't the "in-thing" then!) but now I do and each year, I do so with a growing appreciation of being rewarded with such an amazing woman as my Mother!  Her support helped me to finally take the first steps towards planning a higher education in the US at that young age. She and my father inspired the appreciation for arts and culture that I grew up with.  Her impeccable taste and love for the arts planted the seed for creative, entrepreneurial and artistic endeavors in me.  Growing up around a beautiful, elegant, and creative woman like my Mom was truly instrumental in who I have evolved into in the past years.  So, thanks and a Happy Mother's day to you, Ma!

I'd also like to thank the wonderful clients at Provide (Vancouver) who have taken a piece of RAJBOORI home with them in the past few months!  I hope your homes are now further brightened with the color and soul of our products.  The Milon pillows and the Reale pillow are one of my personal favorites.

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