Oct 13, 2009

Create Your Own Style with Rajboori

Sometimes people ask me, how can I best mix the different Rajboori pieces to create an elegant, vibrant and fun look for my bedroom.

To help our creative and adventurous customers, here are some suggested styling options.  You can see how versatile and mix and match this collection is!  Just remember, creativity knows no bounds and with Rajboori, your options are limitless!  So, have fun!

  1. Rangoli Quilt and Coverlets in Fuchsia and piled high with soft pillows. 2. Rangoli Quilt with Teal Throw/Coverlet and lots of pillows. 3. Fuchsia Throw/Coverlet with Holi Duvet Shams and Rangoli Quilt.

4. Holi Quilt with Teal and Fuchsia Throw/Coverlet.  5. Holi Graphite Duvet and Shams with Rangoli accent pillows.  6. Rangoli Quilt and Teal Throw/Coverlet mixed with Holi, Rangoli and Mookti pillows

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