Mar 2, 2009

The Rajboori Story - Design Concept - Journey to India I

Through my writing I am hoping to share the amazing story of our journey of how Rajboori came to being. There are many companies that are born every day and each person responsible for making that happen has a story to tell. So, this is my story. Nurturing a childhood passion for entrepreneurial initiative and specifically in the realm of home fashion led me through miles of exploration in other worlds, gathering valuable experience, before I found myself here.

I met industrial Designer Stephen Burks (Readymade Projects, NY) at a sustainability seminar and that's when the Rajboori story began. Having owned a silk bed linen and fabric business (Melange Creations) in Vancouver, Canada, I wanted to explore a more eco-chic, sustainable, and contemporary design aesthetic for a new luxury line of top of the bed fashion. I also wanted to create something that would contribute back to the sustenance of an ancient skill and a community that requires serious patronage. Luckily, Stephen was intrigued at the opportunity and hence Rajboori was formed.

A lot of people have asked what does Rajboori mean. So, here goes - we wanted a name that evoked luxury but was unpretentious and fun at the same time. Raj as we know means "regal, royal" in India and "Boori" in Bengali means "old lady". Bengali is the native language of Kolkata (Calcutta). Silk being our main fabric of use is an old, traditional but very regal fabric. So Rajboori literally translates to "regal old lady".

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  1. Love these quilts! The colors are great!